Party Platform

What we stand for

  1. Inspired by Quebec's Autonomy

    Saskatchewan seeks to negotiate a new arrangement with the federal government that mirrors Quebec's special status within Confederation. This includes greater control over immigration, cultural matters, natural resource policies, and the ability to opt-out with compensation from certain federal programs in areas of exclusive provincial jurisdiction.
  2. Enhanced Provincial Powers

    The Sask United Party will advocate for expanded provincial powers in key areas such as natural resources management, environmental regulations, healthcare delivery, education, immigration, and infrastructure development. We believe that decisions affecting Saskatchewanians should be made by those who understand the unique needs and aspirations of our province.
  3. Regional Partnerships with Western Canada

    Recognizing the shared challenges and opportunities that other Western provinces and Saskatchewan face, we pledge to establish strategic regional partnerships with Alberta and Manitoba to promote economic growth, innovation, and collaboration. This includes joint initiatives in energy development, transportation infrastructure, trade promotion, and skills training to create a more prosperous and resilient region.
  4. Balanced Approach to Federalism

    While advocating for greater provincial autonomy, the Sask United Party remains committed to a balanced approach to federalism that respects the national unity and the provincial uniqueness within our great country. We will work constructively with the federal government and other provinces to address common challenges and pursue shared goals while safeguarding Saskatchewan's interests and values.
  1. Embracing our Carbon Based Fuels

    We are blessed with rich reserves of natural gas, oil and coal. These resources are not only abundant but also cost-effective. It is time to fully utilize these blessings to power our province.
    • Natural Gas, Oil and Coal Development:
      Prioritize the development and extraction of natural gas, oil and coal to ensure a stable, reliable energy supply.
    • Low-Cost Energy:
      By leveraging our fuel resources, we will provide low-cost energy to attract industry and manufacturing, making Saskatchewan a hub of economic activity and job creation. Sask United will move Saskatchewan away from the government’s current net-zero plan to shut down natural gas and coal energy plants and instead reinvest in them.
  2. Building a Stable Energy Grid

    A robust and stable energy grid is essential for economic growth and stability:
    • Infrastructure Investment:
      Invest in the necessary infrastructure to support a stable energy grid, ensuring that businesses and households have reliable access to power.
    • Energy Security:
      Focus on energy security by reducing reliance on high-cost, less effective renewables like solar and wind power, which cannot provide the consistency and reliability our economy demands. We put our trust in tried and true Saskatchewan coal and natural gas.
  3. Unleashing our Resource Sector

    Our resource sector, especially potash, is a cornerstone of our economy. It is time to capitalize on the high global prices and ensure that the benefits of our resources stay within Saskatchewan:
    • Potash Pricing:
      Recognize the rarity and global demand for Saskatchewan potash. It must be priced accordingly, reflecting its true value, and ensuring that Saskatchewan reaps the economic benefits.
    • Local Benefits:
      Ensure that the wealth generated from potash and other resources benefits the province first and foremost, rather than being siphoned off to global markets.
    • No Special Breaks:
      Companies investing in production need to pay their fair share. No special breaks should be given; instead, we must ensure that they contribute to the local economy and community.
  4. Making Saskatchewan the Home of Cheap Energy and Productivity

    Our vision is to make Saskatchewan synonymous with low-cost energy and high productivity:
    • Economic Attractiveness:
      A stable, low-cost energy grid will make Saskatchewan an attractive destination for industries and manufacturing, driving economic growth and creating jobs.
    • Productivity and Prosperity:
      By focusing on our strengths and ensuring that our resources are used wisely and effectively, we will build a province that is both productive and prosperous – where every citizen has the opportunity to thrive.
  1. Recruitment and Retention of Healthcare Professionals

    We recognize the urgent need for more healthcare professionals in Saskatchewan. To address this, we propose a targeted recruitment strategy that focuses on attracting nurses and doctors from other parts of Canada. Our plan includes:
    • Education Incentives:
      We will offer a program similar to the Royal Military College (RMC) Officer Program, where new nurses and doctors can have their education paid for in exchange for a commitment to serve in Saskatchewan for a specified period.
    • Retention Bonuses:
      Competitive retention bonuses for healthcare professionals who choose to stay and work in Saskatchewan, ensuring that we not only attract but also retain top talent.
  2. Streamlining Administration and Reducing Wasteful Spending

    A significant portion of our healthcare budget is consumed by administrative costs and wasteful spending. We must redirect these resources to frontline care:
    • Administrative Efficiency:
      Conduct a thorough audit of the healthcare system to identify and eliminate redundant administrative processes and positions.
    • Resource Allocation:
      Reallocate funds from administrative overhead to direct patient care, ensuring that our healthcare dollars are spent where they are needed most.
  3. Investing in Technology and Innovation

    We must embrace technology and innovation to modernize our healthcare system:
    • Telehealth Services:
      Expand telehealth services to provide remote consultations, reducing the strain on emergency rooms and clinics.
    • Electronic Health Records:
      Implement a comprehensive electronic health records system to improve coordination of care and reduce duplication of tests and procedures.
  1. Public Access to Information

    Embracing the spirit of openness we will empower the people of Saskatchewan with unprecedented access to government information and decision-making processes, fostering a culture of transparency and trust.
  2. Whistleblower Protection

    For those individuals who speak truth, we will ensure that their voices are heard and their rights protected. We will shine a light on corruption and uphold the highest standards of ethics and accountability.
  3. Ethical Standards and Conflict of Interest

    Upholding the honor and integrity of public service, we will hold our elected officials and government employees to the highest ethical standards, safeguarding against conflicts of interest and undue influence. Together, we will build a government that serves the people with honesty and integrity.
  4. Auditing Public Services

    Conduct regular audits of government agencies and public services like healthcare to evaluate the allocation of funds between administration and frontline care. We will ensure that resources are directed towards enhancing patient care and improving health outcomes rather than excessive administrative costs.
  5. Performance Metrics and Accountability Mechanisms

    Guided by a commitment to excellence and efficiency, we will establish clear performance metrics and robust oversight mechanisms to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and government projects are delivered on time and on budget with accountability and transparency.
  6. Lobbying Regulation and Transparency

    We will enact stringent regulations on lobbying activities, ensuring that the voices of all Saskatchewan residents are heard and respected. Together, we will create a level playing field where decisions are made in the best interests of the people.