Dustin Plett

Regina Wascana Plains

Dustin Plett, a distinguished leader in the Canadian tech industry since 2009, is currently serving at Balance, Canada's oldest and largest digital asset custodian. His extensive and proven experience in leadership roles across social networking, GovTech, and finance sectors underscores his commitment to innovation and economic growth.

Born in Manitoba, Dustin's career began as a journeyman welder in Alberta, where he developed a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by working Canadians. His transition into the tech industry led him to Toronto, where he lived for over a decade, and his journey has also taken him to Vermont, Texas, New York, and California. These experiences have given him a broad perspective on tackling complicated problems and providing common sense solutions.

Currently serving as a councillor in the Resort Village of Kannata Valley, Dustin is dedicated to public service and community development. His proven track record in leadership and his commitment to innovation and community well-being position him as the ideal candidate to drive positive change and prosperity.