Brad McAvoy

Saskatoon Eastview

Brad McAvoy is a dedicated father of two boys, aged 10 and 12, and is happily engaged to be married.

With over a decade of service as a police officer for the City of Saskatoon since 2008, Brad brings a wealth of experience and commitment to his role. Before joining the police force, he served as a Special Constable at the University of Saskatchewan for five years. Throughout his career, he has taken on different roles in Patrol, Traffic, and Air Support. Currently, he serves in the Serious Assault Unit.

Brad’s career is guided by his unwavering values of honesty and integrity. His inquisitive nature and determination have driven him to question and improve existing processes, leading to impactful changes. One of his proudest achievements was advocating for better health and wellness initiatives for his colleagues, a pursuit that had profound effects on both his professional and personal life. Known for his blunt honesty, Brad’s commitment to truth and integrity sometimes sparks intense debates, but he remains steadfast in his beliefs.

Outside of his professional life, Brad treasures the moments spent with his children, attending their activities, and enjoying quality time with his loved ones. He is also an avid woodworker. He enjoys designing and creating models on his computer.

Having devoted 17 years to serving the Saskatoon community, Brad is now eager to further his commitment by serving as the MLA for Saskatoon-Eastview, bringing his passion for service and integrity to a broader platform.